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Imagine, you get woken up in the middle of the night. There is a car waiting with the lights off. Once you leave, you will be wanted by your government. Your crime was being a journalist as the new law of the land was against ‘freedom of speech’.  This government brought a revolution to your country and it was now ruled by Venezuelan Socialism. 

You went through an experience where you saw your country that once had a constitution comparable to the one in the USA. A country that had the fourth richest GDP on the planet. A country where its citizens no longer enjoy their freedoms. 

Coming to our new country twenty three years ago, we were the lucky ones, we came loaded with our academia degrees and wanted to fight for the Freedoms in our previous homeland and in the USA, the country, we now called home. We formed an ‘Alliance for Defending Freedom’. 

“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.” ― Albert Einstein


The Freedom Voice Report’s mission   

             “ is limited government  and involvement in community development. “


  1. Freedom Voice Reports has a large media network that reaches millions of people. Till recently, our media has only been in Spanish and now it is bi-lingual. It did not occur to us that Violations of Human RIghts that has been causing this influx of immigrants into the USA, that loss of freedoms could become a possibility in the USA. 

  2. Freedom Voice Reports has been called the voice of the Latin people in New York and New Jersey recently receiving recognition for its works. We are strongly involved in community initiatives and growth and development. Not just in the USA but on a global scale. 

  3. Leadership Programs for the college aged as intern programs and also for high school children to teach them the leadership skills to become community leaders.

  4. Public Events. Freedom Vlice has always played a huge part in getting their message out with live events. 


Our Challenge 

As we see corrupt authoritarian government starting to win election after election, this has brought international drug trafficking, human trafficking and money laundering, all which has made its ways into our country. The drug problem in the USA is an issue that cannot be ignored.

The concept of Venezuelan Socialism once unheard of in the USA are gaining popularity. For years we have allowed our schools to be indoctrination centers for these ideas. We the People, the core of our foundation is being replaced with Government Overreach. 

Businesses are now part of the global community. Policies are bein adopted that are not favorable to the western business world. The business is being picked up by China. and they are becoming an economic superpower. 


The election of 2016 brought the idea of election interference and dark money in politics by outside groups. Freedom of Speech, once the pride of our people is being replaced with WOKE.


What censorship?


Can we trust our News anymore?

Few do!


When social media and regular news outlets have a political media bias that is apparent. 


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Maibort Petit (co-founder of Freedom Voice) is an extraordinary Venezuelan, tireless fighter against tyranny, the violation of human rights, and against criminals who have used the destruction of the Venezuelan economy at the expense of the misery of our people.

I have boundless admiration for Maibort and I love her dearly.

Miguel Rodriguez

I have known Maibort Petit for many years as a journalist. During the years of democracy in Venezuela where she was already well known for her work in doing research about the ethical behavior of people in public office.

She is recognized as a serious practitioner of investigative journalism on the mismanagement of public resources.

Luis R Matos 

Co-Director of the master’s degreeThe Graduate School of Political Management

The George Washington University