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Our Story

In 1999, the people of Venezuela were happy. A few years earlier they were determined to be the fourth richest economy in the world and the riches economy in South America. The country received many tourist and was a paradise. 

People voted in someone who promised lots of free stuff. That promise and hope of Free Stuff would soon cost them their freedom and their way of life. The life of political journalist became dangerous. You would either be jailed or killed. 

The economy got worse and worse and people soon lived in poverty. Freedoms were lost and everyone became a slave to the state.


Our story took our founders into exile, spread throughout the globe and fighting for causes of freedom on a global scale.


The youth leadership program realized that it will take a village to protect our freedoms. A village of people throughout the planet working together to bring about the change towards freedom and away from cruel government rule.


Most of our volunteers are poor minorities. Others are high school or college students trying to make a difference while getting job experience.


We will continue our fight against Human Rights Abuses & loss of Freedoms by Government regulations and autocracy. 

school kids in class africa

“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.” ― Albert Einstein

A record 100 million people worldwide have been forced to flee their homes. 

The volunteers at Freedom Voice Report's Youth Leadership Program care. Many live in poverty and do not see a way out, yet they give of themselves to help others. They understand they human horrors as they live through it. 

Our goal with their help is to bring about change and help others. 

But we can not end there, we must help our volunteers achieve a better life. 

This program works with their skills and strong points, their degrees from school and has them get job experience on their skill as they do their volunteer. Their abilities is for all the world to see and we hope it has a happy ending for them. 

migrant mom and her two children

Bringing Awareness

Some of the many TV appearances in the USA and internationally.
sin filtros
maibort petit in a debate

Short list of some of the TV stations where we have regular appearances. American and international  TV Stations including Eldistrito TV Madrid, I-24 & Aruk Sheva from Israel and New York , NY 1 TV, NTN24, Aruk7, i-24, ENTV , Venezuela TV, VPI TV, RCN TV,  Caracol TV, Columbia TV , Telemundo, Univision, Marti TV , Voice of America and Mega TV in Miami. 

Volunteer Letters

“I am interested in helping refugees to thrive. I am located in Nakivale Refugee Settlement and am experiencing the hard life as for my fellow refugees. This opportunity will help me to motivate and facilitate my colleagues to defend our rights and thrive."

“I would advocate for the rights of the LGBTQI especially in Africa. There are very many homophobic people who are killing innocent members of the society for living their truth."

"Illiteracy,cause an illiterate person is far away from its rights and benefits from our laws and rights.An illiterate person is misjudged and misbehaved in each and every aspects from our society.So,my step towards educating a society people and letting them know their real values and ethics can make a difference to our mankind."

"The issue of people being displaced as a consequence of crises such as war is a motivational factor concerning my interest in the issue of immigration. coupled with my experience as a master's student of international relations, my interest and awareness concerning this issue have been amplified. Therefore, I am looking forward to being a part of this foundation that dedicates effort to address the issue concerning immigration."

"I am doing my 3rd year of medicine. Being a doctor is not only about treating people. I think it requires quality teamwork, leadership, and other most important thing is patience to sort things out. So I think this opportunity be one help my career to lead from the front and do my residency program in the US."

Image by Koshu Kunii


Maibort Petit (co-founder of Freedom Voice) is an extraordinary Venezuelan, tireless fighter against tyranny, the violation of human rights, and against criminals who have used the destruction of the Venezuelan economy at the expense of the misery of our people.

I have boundless admiration for Maibort and I love her dearly.

Miguel Rodriguez

I have known Maibort Petit for many years as a journalist. During the years of democracy in Venezuela where she was already well known for her work in doing research about the ethical behavior of people in public office.

She is recognized as a serious practitioner of investigative journalism on the mismanagement of public resources.

Luis R Matos 

Co-Director of the master’s degreeThe Graduate School of Political Management

The George Washington University

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