A life free from violence and from cruel, degrading and inhuman treatment is a fundamental human right.

Bullying in America can also lead to violations of a range of other human rights. 

Examples of Discrimination

Make fun of accent

Feelings of being isolated, disliked, ignored, of being different. 

Make fun of Skin Color



New immigrants are more susceptible to bullying because they are different and stand out. 

In this children's story book, a seven year old girl leaves Venezuela with her family to come to the USA. 

The girl is mocked in school because she does not speak english, her accent is different. When she learns a new word, she is made fun of because she sounds different. She is left without friends in a scary lonely world, where people think she is dumb because she does not speak the language. 

According to UNICEF, "Migrant and refugee children face higher rates of bullying".

The existence of anti-immigrant prejudice was found to play an important role in driving bullying, according to a human right UN declaration.

It was also found that immigrant children tended not to report the bullying,. 


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