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Welcome to our team on the Anti-Bullying Program This is the general room on learning about bullying We are a long time global human rights organization. Since 1999, we have been championing the cause of freedom and human and animal rights. Despite our efforts, we see our cities getting worse. Poverty and homelessness is not going away. It is getting harder o find a job and world looks like it is headed towards global inflation. The only hope and solution for a better future is to train future leaders. teaching skills that can translate into successful business and community leaders. We also would like those who have training and experience to help mentor and teach those in our youth program. Your training will be by helping those less fortunate. While you improve our communities, your lot in life will improve, because you will learn skills that will make you of high value. The United Nations has called bullying a human rights violation. Bullying is done to immigrants because they are different, speak differently, have different culture and new immigrants struggle with the language. Blacks were bullied being accused of bringing diseases here from Africa. Cyber-bullying has caused numerous suicides. The program will word on awareness, Try to set up school programs. You-Tube shows. Make protections at work. See what can be done through legal protections. Set-up a hot line. Your life and those around you are about to change. Please answer the question below.

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