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Immigrant Rights

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Welcome to our team on Immigrant Rights. This is the general room on Immigrant Rights. We will all belong to the defense of immigrant rights. Then we have our projects. We presently have 6 projects. 1. Second class citizen. the immigrant's college degree and job training usually is not respected in their new host country and most must start from new. 2. Poverty among the immigrants, Remember most if them left their country because of severe economic hardship or left because of war and had to leave everything behind. 3. Healthcare of immigrants - we are especially interested in their mental health due to all the trauma that they went through. . 4. Equal Job Opportunity - being labeled an illegal and its effects on their ability to get jobs, language issues, cultural issues and living in impoverished neighborhoods where jobs are few. 5. Equal Rights - is an illegal given the same rights as the rest of us? 6. Dealing with the reasons the migrants ran away from their home country.

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