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Women Rights

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Welcome to our team on Women Rights. This is the general room on Women Rights. We will all belong to the defense of women rights. Then we have our projects. We presently have 5 projects. 1. Empowerment of women through education 2. Poverty in women, There are more women and girls in poverty than men and boys. 3. Healthcare of women - see notes below. 4. Equal Job Opportunity - Do women get paid the same as men for the same job? Are certain jobs considered MEN JOBS? 5. Equal Rights Poor menstrual hygiene practices may cause reproductive and urinary tract infections in addition to rashes, itching, foul odor, and many other reproductive health morbidities Poor menstrual hygiene management can also compromise women's educational and economic opportunities. Hygienic practices during menstruation were unsatisfactory in the rural area as compared to the urban area. Girls are not being educated about the proper hygienic practices due to traditional beliefs, misconceptions, and restrictions regarding menstruation.

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