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Equal Justice

If you are neutral in situations of injustice,  You have chosen the side of the oppressor - DT
Crime, Corruption, Courts

Maibort Petit, founder of the Freedom Voice Reports, is a writer, researcher and political scientist specialized in Transnational Organized Crime and on the Criminal Justice System. 

We will be dealing with cases of drug trafficking and bringing in the bad drugs into our cities. 

Money laundering cases and corporate fraud.

Inequality in our justice system. 

Our investigative journalism follows many of the criminal cases inside the courtroom. 

The major part of the judicial cases we deal with are where there is corruption within authoritarian regimes or other areas of power, where those in power are partnered with the criminals and there needs to be a voice to watch over our criminal justice system. 

Discusses how organized crime has progressed from supporting candidates to now running for office themselves. 


A painting by a Venezuelan exile in Columbia having lost his Freedoms in his country by an unequal justice system. 


In Cuba, this is a young artist who is serving a prison sentence because he spoke up against the government. 

There is no equal justice, the system is used as a took to control the people. 


Four years of FBI investigations, and they may charge Hunter Biden with tax fraud and lying on a gun application. 

Would you be treated as easily as he has been treated? Is this a case of equal justice?

Stay informed on the criminal justice system, learn about the corruption in government, learn about the unfair laws, the harm caused to our communities. If you stay informed and join us in the Alliance for Defending Freedoms, we can become advocates for change and community development. 

Your donations help us continue our important work in working for fairness in our justice system in the USA & Globally. 

Awareness is the greatest agent for change --  Eckhart Tolle
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