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Presidential Elections

Investigative reporters and political scientist research the integrity of elections world-wide, many of our recent elections have questions as to their legitimacy.

Learn about the election machines. The very same machines where there are numerous lawsuits and questions as to their origin and reliability.

The difference between a representative government and an authoritarian regime is the trust in its elections. 

Find out how much media bias affect the election results.

Dark and soft money with questionable origins. Are monies from cartels influencing our elections or have elections became so expensive that only those involved in monies from questionable sources can run for office.


How much does policies,  government interference and unfair laws affect the results?


Our experts will not only answer your questions, but they are part of the Alliance for Defending Freedom.

Your right to vote is the greatest Freedom that you have. 

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Maibort Petit at Women's for Democracy Speech

"Democracy and freedom are not a gift that can be guaranteed permanently but on the contrary we must fight to perfect and maintain it."

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