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Save The Woman

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Journalist Tuhin Sarwar is a Deputy Representative of Save the Woman Bangladesh ।

"Now is the time to adopt a coordinated response to the multidimensional challenges that victims of GBV face." "Let us strengthen our prevention and protection systems to ensure that women and children receive the services they need in a timely manner to live well and develop fully," she added.

According to a Save the Woman 2021 report, 93% of women in Bangladesh reported that they had either been a victim of violence against women and girls (VAWG) or knew someone who had been.

Also, Bangladesh still ranks among the countries with the highest child marriage rates in the world, with more than half of women aged 22 to 24 having been married as children.

Save the Woman "To strengthen the prevention of violence against women and girls, it is essential to work in a holistic and integrated way and involve all stakeholders. Save the Woman will increase investment in efforts to become self-reliant.

Deputy Representative of Bangladesh Journalist Tuhin Sarwar will work with partners and development partners to advance gender-based violence prevention programs through Save the Woman, Bangladesh NGO RDA.

Save the woman-bangladesh -Key Initiatives

Education and Counseling: We educate women about their rights and provide counseling to empower them, striving to create a more equitable society.

Advocacy for Women's Issues: Our advocacy efforts aim to raise awareness about women's rights and push for legislative changes where gender discrimination laws are ignored.

Missions for Single Moms: We run missions to support single mothers, providing assistance, resources, and a network to help them navigate challenges.

Hygiene Product Disbursements: We distribute hygiene products to combat period poverty, ensuring women have access to essential items for their well-being and dignity.


Journalist Tuhin Sarwar is a Deputy Representative of Save t...
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