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Sexual Harassment of women garment workers in Bangladesh

In a special article on sexual harassment of women workers in Bangladesh's garment sector, the New York-based organization highlights the conditions of workers in major garment-sector countries, including India, Pakistan, Cambodia, and Bangladesh.

Women workers in Bangladesh are victims of sexual harassment and cannot take any action out of fear. In the country, not only in the factory but also outside the factory, the officials harass the women workers.

The rights group says officials invite women wo

rkers to parties and threaten them if they don't go.

There is no environment in these countries where women workers can complain to the authorities without any fear.

Security, fire safety, and salary allowances of garment factory buildings in Bangladesh are discussed a lot. Garment source countries like Bangladesh have to accept different working environment conditions.

The workers said, "I can't bring spoken language if there is a problem at work. They often touch. Abusing is part of their job."

These words the worker finally told me. He said that women workers are the most sexually abused in Bangladesh.


Journalist Tuhin Sarwar is a Deputy Representative of Save t...
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