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Youth Leadership Programs

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We are working on videos for the youth leadership program, one of our objectives is to partner with people to create connections. Our program the Youth Leadership Program will offer certifications that are used for building skills that can help you find employment or gain knowledge! Our projects will help the world create good experiences for the community and I invite everyone to reach out to each other and start projects! For reference to the exams we will be offering you can find them here:

Please share this with anyone that might benefit from service experience and education.

If you have any questions about how to get certified please reach out to me and I will help you get into the test you are ready for or help you choose a test and accomplish realistic studies to help you pass them.

  • Hello everyone,

    It’s so nice to (virtually) meet you all! My name‘s Roshni Rangwani. I graduated with a journalism degree this winter and decided to volunteer because I thought I could use my skills to help make a difference…and meet some lovely people along the way. I like making videos, so let me know if you have an idea you’d like to collaborate on :)

  • Justice B

    Check out this unpublished blog from Vinuka Fernando

    Great job - Hours awarded are for reading each others work, is also for time you pend in this chat room, is for research time and for anytime spent talking to others on the team.

    Please read it and let's hear lots of positive comments

  • Hello, I’m Treazure Wilson, a 21-year-old senior psychology major. I am very excited to start working on our projects and I believe that human and animal rights is an issues that needs to be taken care of in our community.

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    My name is Het patel and i am a High school student. I wanted to volunteer for Human rights because, the message should be spread all around the world and more people are needed in this.

    I am excited for learning new skills and experiences here,

    Looking forward to work with you guys.


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