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The Mexico US border is out of control. The illegal immigrants crossings are the highest in this nations history. Can our country handle such a large sudden migration?


What brought the migrants here in the first place was their flight from Socialist countries. These countries were voted in to bring about economic reforms and less poverty and crime. Instead these governments where the leaders had unlimited power became countries with dictators. Where human rights were not respected, political prisoners and government corruption became normal. Where inflation, jobs and the socialist economy made living conditions unbearable.

Are we creating situations of homelessness, poverty. Where the new immigrant becomes a second class citizens with lower pay and less chance for promotion Human trafficking and drugs. Are we creating for them the very same nightmare situation that they have escaped from?

Learn how we can demand what is best for the USA and respect our borders while respecting the rights of the individual immigrants.

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Learn what is the root cause for the mass migration?

Learn if our immigration policy is for the good of the country or is it politically motivated"

Learn the answers whether we are prepared to handle this many new immigrants?

Learn what can be done to help our communities so harmed by these policies.

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"It looks strange to be alive and wander the streets as if one was dead. A city that was always known and famous for its high temperature and it boasted of a happy and cheerful people, suddenly transformed into a ghostly and horrifying hell."

Quote from a migrant

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Many of those that walk thousands of miles through dangerous terrain are doing so because they have suffered through violations of human rights from socialist countries. They are not walking this distance for exercise.


When they arrive what becomes of them? 

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A video from our YouTube Channel. This video is in Spanish with English subtitles. A must see. 

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Pauleen loves her house, her grandparents and her cousins in Venezuela. When her parents are in trouble with the government, Pauleen must travel with them to America and leave her home behind. In America Pauleen feels alone and sad. How will Pauleen make new friends in America when she can't understand anyone?

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