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Russia-Venezuela Alliance

The visit of White House emissaries to Caracas cannot be interpreted as distancing the Venezuelan dictator from Russia.

by Maibort Petit

Venezuela President Maduro & Russia President Putin
Venezuela President Maduro & Russia President Putin are loyal to each other

The United States, NATO and the European Union in general are falling into a trap, perfectly designed by Russia and China who had perfectly calculated the reaction of the Western world regarding the invasion-attack on Ukraine. Vladimir Putin and his Chinese allies knew that the Russian Federation had to face the severe sanctions that would be imposed on it and had prepared for it. Knowing that the West would not give a military response, Russia acted accordingly and with the support of the Chinese regime in anticipation of sanctions that, when applied disproportionately, lose their effect and impact and simply will not have the desired effect which is to stop the war, while, on the contrary, the dollar loses strength, just as planned by the Kremlin.


Maibort Petit is a Venezuelan writer, researcher and political scientist specialized in Transnational Organized Crime. Based in New York, she works for various Hispanic media outlets and as a consultant for various firms in New York and Washington DC.

Joseph Humire is executive director of the Center for a Secure Free Society (SFS).

Freedom Voice Reports is an Investigative Reporting team, started over 25 years ago, with an emphasis on protecting our freedoms. Reporting on authoritative government, dark money used by business to persuade our political institutions, our court system, drug trafficking stealing so many lives, parental rights being lost in our educational system and so much more.


These considerations were made by Joseph Humire, executive director of the Center for a Secure Free Society (SFS), who also said that Russia and China act together despite the fact that the latter at the UN publicly advocates dialogue and understanding, while acting behind the scenes in support of Vladimir Putin. A situation that, he maintains, occurs in the same way with Nicolás Maduro, who will maintain his loyalty to the Russian leader, despite the rapprochement that the White House has initiated with the Venezuelan regime.

Venezuela President Maduro & Russia President Putin are loyal to each other

Humire warns of the serious mistake made by those who think – including the Joe Biden administration – that the Venezuelan regime will distance itself from the Kremlin because Washington has proposed to buy it oil in exchange for distancing itself from the Russian government. The immediate meeting of Venezuelan Vice President Delsy Rodriguez with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, as soon as the meeting in Miraflores with the envoys of the US administration had ended, is a clear example of what will happen from now on. Simply Nicolás Maduro will inform Russia in detail about each proposal or proposal received from the US.

An information that, obviously, will be used to manipulate and design new actions on the part of the Russia-Venezuela alliance, since the Sino-Russian society has undertaken a struggle against the entire Western structure. And, warns Joseph Humire, failed Western-led policies allowed the alignment of the world's worst regimes. "War comes when politics fails and this is what is happening," warns the director of SFS and dares to refer that "we are entering the third world war, as a consequence of all the failed policies of many countries, not only the US, have brought us to this moment."


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In this regard, he recalled that the policies of Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George Bush aimed at the empowerment of China, the diversification of Iran and allowing Vladimir Putin to impose himself in Russia "and the result of that is war." "They are not going to be happy with Ukraine, with Taiwan or southern Iraq, they are going to go for more. We know that because we observe Latin America and although Washington does not perceive it, we know that they are dominating that region as well."

Russian & Chinese President
Russian & Chinese President

Vladimir Putin's action in Ukraine has nothing to do with Russia's arguments for claiming its territorial sovereignty, but with the desire to destroy the United States. "You have to be very vigilant because that goal is advanced very quickly and I think that is a card that Putin has not yet played openly," Humire said.

For the specialist in security issues, the interpretation made by some regarding an alleged estrangement that would already be taking place between Maduro and Putin are wrong to assume that returning to negotiations with the opposition in Mexico – in case they occur – would be a sign of weakness, because contrary to the previous meetings who came out strengthened was the Venezuelan regime when it obtained all the concessions while the democratic alliance he got nothing.


Maibort Petit and Freedom Voice Crew are in Poland and Ukraine covering the Ukraine War and doing their part to help for the immigrants and getting the story our of the people affected.


Humire points out the danger of blackmail that is run by allowing the cessions of Nicolás Maduro to be limited to the delivery of hostages and political prisoners, since these would become a perverse incentive that only stimulates the capture of more hostages and the imprisonment of more opponents who would become a bargaining chip for the Venezuelan regime.

It indicates that war is also fought when the left advances in Latin America, with Colombia and Brazil in the crosshairs, that is the strategy in the region, so nothing can be interpreted as loss. "They're playing targeting the Caribbean. I don't see where they're losing. They are linking Venezuela's economy very intensely with the Middle East, which they want to make Venezuela's first investor. It does not matter that Venezuela does not reach the economic splendor of previous times, because the fundamental thing for them is power, misinformation and destabilize to introduce new forms of economic systems.

"The common objective of Venezuela, Russia, Iran, China, in the economic field is to mix the illicit with the licit, is to complement the legitimate activity they carry out, with illicit economies in foreign trade. Implementing the new financial system will serve not only for licit and government programs, but also for crime, terrorists and drug traffickers," says Joseph Humire.


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