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Conservation of Wildlife

How serious are animal rights laws? Will these laws provide the animal protection that is so needed?

by Vinuka Fernando

dog rescue

Animal cruelty is unfortunately a significant issue in Sri Lanka, with many reported

cases across the nation. From the elephants being used for religious festivals,

parades and tourism to the common stray dog being poisoned, shot or even beaten

to death, the mistreatment of animals is common.

Dog cruelty is sadly among the most common yet significant issues in Sri Lanka. Stray dogs are often seen as a pest and are mistreated or even killed by the local people. In some cases, people have even set them on fire. The punishment for such a crime is only $0.27. A disgrace.

overcrowded dog cages

Another issue in Sri Lanka is the overpopulation of dogs. This can lead to overcrowded and unsanitary conditions in shelters and on the streets. Problems like this can result in the spread of disease and lack of sufficient food, water and shelter for the dogs.

Although there are animal welfare laws in Sri Lanka, they are often not enforced and there is also a huge lack of awareness and education around dog cruelty or animal cruelty in general. However, there are also organizations and individuals who are working to improve animal welfare in Sri Lanka, such as animal welfare groups and small animal shelters. Although what they are doing is great, this is not enough.

There are several solutions that can help improve the current situation around dog cruelty.

Educating the public: Public education and awareness campaigns can help to change people's inhumane attitudes towards animals.

Animal welfare laws: The government can implement and enforce animal welfare laws with stronger punishments to protect animals from cruelty and mistreatment. There is a new law in the works which raises the fine to a maximum of Sri Lankan Rupee 150,000 (approx. HKD $57,778) and a sentence up to 4 years. This seems a fair punishment to the previous $0.37.

Animal shelters: Animal shelters can provide a safe haven for stray dogs, where they can receive medical care and attention until they are adopted.

Community engagement: Encouraging communities to take responsibility for the welfare of stray dogs can also help reduce dog cruelty in Sri Lanka.

Collaboration: Collaboration between animal rights organisations, government agencies, and local communities can help to promote and implement these solutions effectively.

By executing these solutions, we can help to create a more compassionate and humane society for both people and animals in Sri Lanka.

Vinuka Fernando

He is part of the Youth Leadership Program from Freedom Voice Reports. Although he is young, he is an advocate and a voice against all forms of Human Right Violations and Animal Cruelty .He recently moved from Sri Lanka to Canada. His favorite ice cream chocolate,


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