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Are Governments Really For the people?

CPAC, Conservative Political Action Conference, just concluded its convention in Mexico. As it concluded, the convention was attacked in the media and social media. Just a reminder, that politics has never been about helping people. It has always been about preserving those in government.

Freedom Voice Reports

Time moves on and great scientific advancements are made, but in the world of politics nothing ever changes. Politics is exactly as it has always been. It is the same, as it has been for thousands of years.

To put thigs in perspective, the time of this bible story was about one thousand years before the birth of Jesus. In Israel, there was not national government. it is true that they had a national identity. The power of the government was in the individual tribes. These days, this would be similar to the power of the States.

The people of Israel went to Samuel, who was their emissary to God to request a King. They wanted a strong national Government, just like other nations had.

Samuel, speaking on behalf of God, warned them that a King would tax their money and enslave the people.

CPAC in Mexico

This biblical story, is the story of the Conservative Movement. It is the movement for Freedom of the people over Government, Pro-Life, limited government. To allow more power in the hands of the states and less in the hands of the national government.

The Chairman of the CPAC Convention was EDUARDO VERÁSTEGUI (Mexico). A model and actor. His main focus is pro-life and fighting human trafficking.

You might think that human trafficking would be an area that could go beyond politics and for the good of the people, all sides could agree. Well guess again. In a tweet from Evo Moralis, Former President of Bolivia: Evo Morales Ayma @evoespueblo Since the #USA can not criticize our successful policy to fight against drugs, it uses any excuse to attack us. Bolivia does not only fulfill its commitments, we also work with our neighbors and the international community to fight against human trafficking.

Attacks from editorial after editorial makes the claim that CPAC is now controlled by the ultra-right. In a YouTube talk show where Maibort Petit, founder of Freedom Voice Reports, on her Spanish show, ' Sin Filtros', she interviews Joseph M. Humire is a national security expert, specialized in analyzing Transregional Threat Networks in the Western Hemisphere. Mr. Humire currently serves as the executive director of the next generation, national security think tank—Center for a Secure Free Society (SFS)—based in Washington D.C.

Joseph Humire was one of the speakers at CPAC 2022 in Mexico.

Joseph brought up the issue of the media attacking the rights with the title, ultra-right. is the left, the ultra-left? The concept of fighting for limited government and Freedom and more power in the hands of the people is a concept that goes back to the days of the bible.



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