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I am the only Free Man

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

For the first time in American history, the USA Military surrendered the very civilians, that it was created to protect, to the enemy. You would think there would be an outcry. that people would be protesting in the streets. Our President took a few brief breaks from his vacation during our surrender, the Congress were silent and continued their vacation. Some angry words from a few talk show host were said but otherwise, the country has accepted this new chapter in our history.

Freedom Voice

September 5, 2021

Biden checks his watch
Biden doesn't want to honor soldiers

A year ago, George Floyd died and that started protest throughout the country . Politicians, Sport Idols, Hollywood and most businesses took a stand to defend the cause that what happened to George Floyd should never happen again. They took a stand to change a system that allowed this to happen. Some shouted that capitalism was the enemy and socialism was the answer. The idea of Marxism in the United States was openly accepted by some groups and the possibility of us becoming a Socialist State was no longer considered an impossibility.

Doctor Zhivago , a film from long ago , one that never made any impression on me, came alive. I understood the film now. Parts of that film, now seemed to be the life we presently live in and the setting is not Russia but the United States. The film's setting is during the Russian takeover from the Tsar to Communism.

There are two scenes that come to mind.

Doctor Zhivago is being questioned by General Strelnikov. Doctor Zhivago is a hopeless romantic whose gaze is so fixedly inward and precious that he cannot see reality. He is a master of great poetry. Strelnikov is so rapacious in his will to correct social ills that he is prepared to amputate all human emotion. The General is reminded of his youth, of his former girl and then wife, all of which he has left behind.

" I used to admire your poetry. I shouldn't admire it now. Feelings inside and affections seem trivial now. Personal life is dead in Russia. History has killed it. " narrates the General.

Personally, I was angry last year. With all the damage and destruction in this country. That scared me.

But it shouldn't have.

This country was built on protest and disagreements. It was built on passion and people caring about their causes.

We now enter a new stage in this country. Thirteen military men get killed . Our Speaker of the House would not allow our hero's names to be mentioned on the floor of Congress. No honorable mention for them. Not a word from the majority of Congress on the civilians left in Afghanistan.

To mention the dead's names would give their life meaning. In this new state of our country , their death has no meaning. Only the revolution toward greater state control has meaning.

A President, who constantly looks at his watch , as they carry the bodies out. As if to say, I have more important things to do than honor these dead. They are not to be named.

" We used to admire fallen heroes. I shouldn't admire it now. Feelings inside and affections seem trivial now. Personal life is dead in our country. History has killed it. " Is this going to be our new quotation.

The second scene from the movie that left an impression on me was when a group of prisoners were in a cattle car on a train. This group has been arrested for being against the revolution in Russia. One unknown man argues with the Russian commander, as all the other political prisoners have accepted their situation in silence.

Kostoyed Amourski : I'm a FREE man. [He rattles the chains that mark him as slave labor] Kostoyed Amourski : . I am the only free man on this train! The rest of you are CATTLE!

These words scare me, for if we do not speak up now, are we all accepting a life where we are surrendering our freedoms and accepting that the state is all that matters and us, little people's lives are not even important enough to mention.


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