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What is the Latin American Indigenous Movement

The indigenists claim to be creators of indigenous thought for the Amerindian people , but their entire ideological arsenal is nothing more than a league united against imperialism and a reheat of old Marxist dogmas.

What's the real story?

After the implosion of the Soviet Union, the headquarters of transnational crime moved from Moscow to Havana. For obvious reasons, the "defense" of the workers could not continue to be the banner of war. For this reason, the socialist gangs had to reorganize themselves around new slogans, among them, indigenism.

Making up a fake villian!

The central thesis of indigenismo consists of showing the Ibero-American indigenist as victims of a genocide promoted by Spain and the Catholic Church. The few who survived continue to be victims of exploitation. But not because of the Spaniards, but because of the gringos and evil capitalism.

Marxist used the Indigenous people to cover up their crimes.

Although the indigenists claim to be the creators of an indigenous thought, the truth is that their entire ideological arsenal -in addition, the endless lies that support it- is no more than a reheat of the old Marxist dogmas coming from the minds of characters like Otto Bauer , Ernesto Laclau or Álvaro García Linera . But the danger of indigenist fables does not lie in their sophisms and fallacies, but in serving as a pretext to commit all kinds of crimes and terrorist attacks.

For example, between 1990 and 2003, Evo Morales and his thugs entrenched themselves in indigenismo to terrorize Bolivia. However, already as president (2005-2019), Evo was the greatest destroyer of the territories of the indigenous people of the Bolivian lowlands. The ethnic groups from the departments of Santa Cruz, Beni and Pando saw how their territories were invaded by coca growers and drug cartels.

Indigenous people

Here's the deal....

According to figures from the Bolivian Institute of Foreign Trade (IBCE), in the first two decades of the 21st century, national exports to Iran barely represent 0.002% of the total exports from Bolivia to the world. I mean, nothing. That is why Evo Morales and Arce Catacora tell us that relations with Tehran are important to boost the Bolivian economy is nothing more than a great mockery of common sense. Remember something, Evo Morales , Hugo Chavez and the other jerks think that the citizens of their nations are idiots.

It so happens that since 2011, when Iran's war minister, Ahmad Vahidi , inaugurated the ALBA Defense School in Santa Cruz, the Bolivian narco-dictatorship has been strengthening military relations with Mahmud Ahmadinejad and his successors.

That's not all....

As if this were not enough, in 2009 a report from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs was released. The document stated that Venezuela and Bolivia are involved in the Iranian nuclear program through the supply of uranium. This caused a fierce reaction from the then minister of the presidency, Juan Ramón Quintana , who accused the "right", the "oligarchs" and the "empire" of tarnishing the name of the country.

The late Bolivian diplomat, Marcelo Ostria-Trigo , on the back cover of the Book: Dangerous Relations, authored by Emilio Martínez , commented the following: «The nuclear plan of the Iranian ayatollahs and their strong connections with the populist governments affiliated with the Forum is very worrying. of São Paulo as potential suppliers of uranium for Iranian purposes».

In early October, in an act of genuflection before the Iranian theocracy, Romina Pérez , the Bolivian ambassador in Tehran, stated:

"Bolivia and Iran are sister countries. We have anti-imperialist ideas and we have stood united against imperialism. Our government condemns the recent riots in Iran, perpetrated by the British and American Zionists, and we are sure that all the problems will be solved with the solidarity, knowledge and understanding of the dear leader of Iran. The common front formed by the peoples against Zionism and Western imperialism is very important. Zionist thought is wild thought and does not recognize any religion, nationality or language."

In summary,

The ambassador welcomed the repression of thousands of women by the security forces of the Islamic nation. Strange reaction for someone whose political career was built on various feminist slogans, including the fight against political harassment of women. Although, for those of us who understand the falsehoods of feminism, it is nothing more than another of its great contradictions. Well, feminists don't like patriarchy, unless it's Muslim patriarchy.

Due to its enviable geographical position, Bolivia has always been in the sights of all those who dream of conquering the world. The Nazis, Fidel Castro and Ernesto Guevara chose us as the nucleus from which to export their projects to the region. Now the country, with the complicity of the gang that has kidnapped our country, is once again part of a dangerous geopolitical castling. Game from which you will not win anything, but you can lose everything.



La Iberia- Spanish edition

Economist, university professor, writer and political consultant. He always committed to the defense of life, property and liberty.

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