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3 Ways We Are Headed to a Real Global Infinity War Revealed

Unite a nuestra causa, trabajamos para mantenermos libres. - Sin Filtros

Unite to our cause, we work to keep us free. - Without Borders

Infinite War - never ending
Infinite War - never ending

We are living in times that are far more dangerous than the cold war. Nations are joining international forums for geopolitical dominance and profit. "NATO strives to secure a lasting peace in Europe, based on common values of individual liberty, democracy, human rights and the rule of law.", direct from its website.

NATO's goal was never to band a group of nations together to dominate over the weaker ones.

When human rights violations were present, the members of Nato would put pressure on the culprit in the form of economic sanctions.

In 2022, institutions are being put into place to delegitimize the entire system of sanctions imposed by the European Union and the United States. Their goals are to counter the imperialism and hegemony of the US and the West. nations that form alliances for geopolitical dominance and for profit.

We are in a matter of conflict where a group of states and para-state actors have decaled war on the west and its values and institutions.

In the popular film, Avengers: Infinity War, there is a plan to destroy half of all life in the universe. Alliances on both sides have been formed. These are the type of alliances with nefarious intentions that we fear the result.

3 groups to watch out for


An affiliation of states that are known to be authoritative governments. Their goal is to raise the price of energy and enrich their pockets by monopolizing the market.

Oil producer and OPEC member Venezuela has had political sanctions put on them for human right and civil liberty violations of its own people. To open up production of energy and oil our government had to choose between Russia and Venezuela. So then we are forced to imagine that the Government of Venezuela has improved. With 6.8 million political exiles and that number growing each day, how have they improved?

Its members consist of China, Russia and Iran and others for mutual political, economic and security. This pact of these particular countries can lead to very serious consequences.

This year PAHO celebrates 120 years of active work in the field of public health in the Americas.

Pan American Health Organization is an organization formed to help the medical well-being in the Americas.

Seem like a wonderful organization with good intentions. September 26th to September 30th, 2022, there are elections for the Director of the Pan American Sanitary Bureau.

Such an altruistic organization, you would imagine, kindhearted people running to be its director.

This health organization, co-opted with Cuba, as part of this alternative system we have been speaking about. Under the disguise of being an altruistic health organization, it stands accused of being a broker in a human trafficking scheme. This was a scheme of human trafficking and slavery. Cuban doctors were enslaved and up to 90% of their salaries were confiscated by the government of Cuba.

Senator Bob Menendez in a speech before Congress called for investigation into this health organization. The Senator spoke on how this organization had to pay for its crimes, yet the wife of the one being accused of running this scam may be the director of this organization.

Freedom Voice Reports is the English site of Venezuela Politica & Sin Filtros You Tube. They have been fighting for Human Rights and Civil Liberties since 1999.

An organization that was originally started in Venezuela, as that country was taken over by an Authoritative Government. Venezuela has 6.8 million exiles and as you see in the news the number grows each day.

We are an American organization headquartered in Florida, NYC and Washington DC.

An organization that stands for limited government, it consists of investigative reporters, political scientist, community leaders, interns and volunteers.

Learn more about us and Get Connected with a very important cause.


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