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Internet Propaganda

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Learn how the Maduro regime forms its "army of trolls" to control and manipulate public opinion

By Maibort Petit

With strategic rules grouped in the Trolls Formation Project to create a powerful army that seeks to confront the supposed "media war", the Nicolás Maduro regime establishes the master lines to manage, manipulate and control - through social networks - to national and international public opinion, and abort or neutralize any attempt to spread or generate a narrative different from that imposed by the revolution in the last two decades.

The project for the creation of the Army of Trolls is part of the tools used by the Venezuelan regime - within the framework of the so-called asymmetric war - to control public opinion.

Conformation of the digital army and its components

For the conformation of the Digital Army - base of operations - it has several components that are made up of people who will have, (each one) at their disposal 23 accounts on the main social networks: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google.

Each person who is part of the Squad must create 5 Instagram accounts, 5 Facebook accounts, 10 Twitter accounts, 1 Youtube, 1 Google and one WhatsApp account for a total of 23 accounts. 10 people make up a Platoon totaling 230 accounts in the main networks. Thus, 50 people add up to 1,150 accounts that make up the Company component , 100 people make up 2,300, Battalion and Brigades that are made up of 500 people that make up 11,500 accounts.


In turn, the Squares will have the following responsibilities: Press, design, systems, incubators, attacks (Flames), creators of informative content, press releases, articles and publications, audiovisual content, banners, Flyers, photo editing, videos, creators. of Web applications for computers and cell phones, hackers and crackers, creators of accounts in social networks that will give humanization and personality to each one of them, and the instigators and creators of false positives to confuse audiences.

This is how the teams are made up:

Flamer commando squad - from 5 people to 50 people max

They will speak only issues in favor of the process and are divided into two groups

Squad Special Command - from 10 people to 50 people max

2 jounalist 2 designers 2 incubators 2 programmers 2 flames Necessary Installations

A Creative Command Post

A Systems Command Post

A Command Post of Attacks

To reinforce the Trolls army, they propose the creation of informative web pages, Purchase of accounts (Instagram, Twitter) with more than 100k followers to turn them into influencers, Transmission of events, transit, operations, etc. They will be dedicated to covering news from different spheres, some with a pro-government political line and others with opposition in order to reach this audience.

The accounts that complement the army of trolls of the Nicolás Maduro regime highlight the importance of influencers.

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