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Freedom of Speech Suppressed

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

The RNC has made a claim for several years now, that Google Mail has been suppressing their emails by placing them in spam. According to Fox News Digital, the RNC has told them that at the beginning of the month, their Gmail inbox delivery is 90 to 100%. As the month goes on their delivery decreases to 0% inbox delivery.

Free Speech is a human right

The claim by the RNC of emails suppressed at the end of September 2022 is as follows:

September 28th

3.1 Million Emails To Spam

September 29th

9.8 Million Emails Sent to Spam

September 30th

9.97 Million Emails Sent to Spam

The RNC claims that Google is suppressing get-out-the-vote and fundraising emails.

The RNC has filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) that politically left emails have 10.12% sent to spam, while politically right emails have 77.2% sent to spam.

This would be a case of Big Tech unfairly shaping an election with only a month before election day. If true, then Gmail would be responsible for allowing the voters to only hear from on political party and also causing a huge financial loss to the political candidates on the right.

Gmail has claimed that they do not control what goes into spam, but that the users control what emails they do and do not wish to receive.

Freedom Voice Reports does not have the capability to make the determination if Google Gmail is purposely trying to sway an election or not. To do so would be akin to what we see in authoritarian regimes such as in socialist countries.

The United States State Department in their 2020 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices: Venezuela , how the Maduro regime restricted or disrupted access to the internet and censored online content. The USA State Department listed this in their report as a Violation of Human Rights, the suppression of their right to equal and fair elections.

The China National Electronics Import-Export Company, CONATEL is a state run, is a commercialized version of China’s “Great Firewall” , a software that allows them allows them censorship and online control of information coming across the internet. This is being used to control the political content over the internet. It is further being used to monitor private communication in emails, which the government will list as prohibited and intimate those with arrest. and criminally accused of emailing or tweeting information publicly available.

Journalist that try to cover election suppression are called enemies and “manipulators and bandits.” The regime's police force conduct surveillance for political purposes. The Courts are further used to intimidate.

The rights of the individual does not exist limited government does not exist and one party yields all the power.

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