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Urgent: Russia Announces Installation of its Satellites in Mexico

Updated: Oct 12, 2022


Russia and Mexico signed an agreement on cooperation of space research. The Mexican Minister of Foreign Affairs was stressed that Glonass was not part of the agreement. This agreement according to Mexico was signed only for peaceful purposes.

glonass emblem

The Russian embassy in Mexico told a slightly different story. the agreements were signed, and it included the possible installation of Glonass installations in Mexico.

Now that we know that someone is trying to hide the truth, let's find out why.

glonass installation

What exactly is Glonass? It is similar to the Global Positioning System (GPS). The Russians use it for their military to pick up the speed and position of signals. Glonass has the capability to conduct espionage especially on nuclear weapon systems.

Russian ability to shoot down nato ships

This will allow the Russian navy to have fixed coordinates on Nato surface vessels. The Russians claim that Glonass will give them accuracy of the coordinates to within one meter. So that would make the Nato ships sitting targets.


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