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USA on its Knees for Oil

The USA seems intent on its own destruction. While refusing to allow oil production in our country, our government is going to the world's worst dictators in Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Iran on its knees begging for oil.

based on sin filtros video

The Biden Administration granted a license to Chevron to resume oil production in Venezuela—easing sanctions imposed on the country in 2019 over corruption and human rights concerns. Our administration claims that this deal has nothing to do with making up for the loss of Russian imported oil.

So what exactly does it have to do with? Are there no longer any concerns over Venezuelan corruption? Are there no longer human rights concerns being violated on the Venezuelan people by its government? Has the Maduro government made any changes or given any indication to show that the sanctions are no longer needed?

usa and venezuela agree to relief in sanctions for oil

The agreement signed in Mexico City, between the Maduro administration and the opposition. This opposition was approved by Maduro's government. This agreement has an objective of fair election in 2024 and to bring relief to the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela.

No one reasonably expects anything good for the people of Venezuela to come from this. The Maduro administration is made up of a criminal element and the selected opposition do not represent the people of Venezuela. it all for show.

Using Venezuelan oil when our administration refuses to use our own oil. Our oil, from the Gulf, is one of the cleanest oil on the planet, while Venezuelan oil is one of the largest pollutants. This makes no sense. If we are trying to create a cleaner planet, our result will be the total opposite. While accomplishing a more polluted planet, we are also supporting and putting money in the hands of a regime that is involved with terrorist, drug trafficking, money laundering and human rights violations.

A very pointed but true analogy was given by Gutfeld on Fox News station. "it is like a 500 pound person who is on a diet. he brings in no junk food into his house. However, he eats several times a day, in McDonalds, Wendy's and Burger King. The USA claims it wants a cleaner world, so it stops using its own cleaner fuel but uses fuel from other countries that are not as clean.

With Maduro without having made any overture towards human rights, the USA has to explain why it feels the removal of sanctions was a good move. Or is this a move that will harm so many just to satisfy an election promise.


Sin Filtros is the Spanish YouTube channel affiliated with Freedom Voice Reports.

Host: Maibort Petit

Maibort Petit is an investigative journalist born in Venezuela. She studied in Caracas, Maracaibo, Pittsburgh and Paris, France. The author is based in New York City and works for several hispanics media outlets. She became a voice for the latin people in NYC, as well as having fought the censorship imposed in the Venezuelan media by the socialist government, reported on cases of corruption, drug trafficking and money laundering.


Venezuelan Actress, Interpreter, Host, Speaker, Publicist in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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