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Stand Against Workplace Bullying

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Workplace bullying often involves an abuse or misuse of power. In Venezuela the boss of a company abused her power and you will actually read of workplace violence with no concern at all for the worker's rights.

The workers of the El Barbecho Service Center of the National Electric Corporation (Corpoelec) protesting
The workers of the El Barbecho Service Center of the National Electric Corporation (Corpoelec) protesting

Our organization is lending its support to the workers of the El Barbecho Service Center of the National Electric Corporation (Corpoelec). We denounce the verbal, moral and physical aggression by Gabrielina Hernández, general manager of marketing of the company in the state of Miranda. She has gone so far as to hit the analyst of the Energy Management unit, Sorangel González.

The incident occurred on October 5 at the facilities of said unit in the city of Los Teques, capital of Miranda state.

Complaint before Corpoelec

On October 5, 2022, Sorangel Lisseth González Ávila, sent a communication to Corpoelec and the Ministry of People's Power for Electric Energy (MPPEE), denouncing that on October 3 of the aforementioned year 2022, she was attacked "verbally, morally and physically” by the state manager of Marketing of the state of Miranda, Gabrielina Hernández, a fact that would have occurred in the Barbecho Service Center, located in the city of Los Teques, specifically.

González Ávila narrates that on that occasion she complained to Hernández about the manner in which she issued a series of orders to the personnel assigned to the Facilities and Energy Management units. During a meeting convened with all the personnel assigned to said dependencies. She stated that Hernández's response to her claim was the use of profanity and the warning that she (González Ávila) "had to carry out the work she wanted and when she wanted", as well as calling her "dirty" and warning the staff. that “I have orders from my generals to fire whoever I want and when I want; What's more, girl, you're thrown, go away ", which she did with shouts and slaps.

González Ávila refers that when she decided to leave the place and turned around to do so, Gabrielina Hernández grabbed her by the hair and gave her a “blow to the face and several kicks to the body.” The workers present there had to intervene to separate Hernández and prevent her from continuing her violent action.

Sorangel Lisseth González Ávila indicates in the letter that the complaint for assault and injury was filed with the Office of the Public Prosecutor at its headquarters in Los Teques, identified with serial number PG-SIP-1510-10051-2022.

González Ávila asked the authorities of Corpoelec and the MPEE to apply administrative sanctions to Gabrielina Hernández on the grounds that her actions not only physically and morally, but also constitute a "message of authoritarianism and abuse of power against the workers”.

The complainant recalled that she enjoys job stability in accordance with the provisions of article 30 of the Law on the Civil Service Statute, which establishes that "Career public officials shall enjoy stability in the performance of their duties." . He specified that she joined Corpoelec in 2011, so he already has 11 years of service.

Likewise, it cited article 79 of the aforementioned legislative instrument, which stipulates that "Public officials shall be held criminally, civilly, administratively and disciplinarily responsible for crimes, misdemeanors, illicit acts and administrative irregularities committed in the exercise of their functions."


A record drawn up on October 3, 2022 collects what happened in the facilities of the dining room of the El Barbecho Service Center, where an extraordinary meeting was held, called without a planned agenda by the general manager, Gabrielina Hernández, and in which workers from various units of the commercial part of the National Electricity Corporation (CORPOELEC).

The signatories indicate that when they arrived at the meeting it had already begun and Hernández was “harassing and accusing two (2) workers of the Court and Reconnection unit of being thieves. In support of his statements, Hernández would have said that they "had been given straws," while he described what had been done "with" words that were not appropriate "for an official of his rank. They denounce that the accusations are made by Hernández without the right to defense by those accused.

In response to Hernández's accusations, several workers intervene to express their disagreement with her comment and to complain about the conditions in which they must work, which annoyed the manager.

So the minutes mention the intervention of Sorangel González, who in a derogatory manner asks Gabrielina Hernández to identify herself, for which the former reported that she was an analyst in the Energy Management unit.

From this point we quote verbatim what is expressed in the minutes:

“(…) 'ah, you're the one who doesn't want to work,'

Sorange González replies that she is not refusing to do her daily work, but that there are procedures and rules to carry out any type of calculation, she explains that users they are being estimated more than what they consume monthly in terms of electricity and thus the adjustment does not proceed…”.

Gabriela Hernandez's response was:

"the rules and procedures go through my ass."

González asked Hernández to send her an email with instructions to make the adjustments and the manager's response was to “throw her out”, since they had nothing else to talk about.

In the minutes, the workers corroborate what González stated in the letter to Corpoelec. We outlined above and describe both the tone and the level of physical aggression uttered by Hernández to González.

From then on, the workers point out that having asked Hernández in writing for his work instructions became the motivation for the attack.

The workers of the El Barbecho Service Center of Corpoelec expressed their categorical rejection of the verbal and physical attacks of the general manager, Gabrielina Hernández, towards Sorangel González and demanded to eradicate workplace violence within Corpoelec.

Request for legal medical examination

On October 3, 2022, David Andrade, chief detective director of the Criminal Investigation Service of the Guaicaipuro Municipal Police Autonomous Institute attached to the Ministry of Popular Power for Internal Relations, Justice and Peace, sent a communication to the director of Forensic Medicine ( SENAMECF) of Los Teques, to request that a Legal Medical Examination (Physical) be carried out on Sorangel Lisseth González Ávila, who appears as a victim according to the procedural records initiated by her office


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