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United States

United States was formed as a  Definition of a Limited Government. Has the ever expanding Government resulted in a loss of Freedom?  


In 1999, Venezuela had a Socialist Revolution. Since that time, the country has seen one liberty after another removed from the people. Their Supreme Court has been packed with the Dictator's loyalist. The legislature was decaled null and the Dictator made his own legislature. 

Their economy has made them one of the poorest countries in the world. Human Rights violations are at such bad level that over 7 million people  have ran from that country. 


This is our latest video talk show on both YouTube & Rumble. 

The tens of millions of immigrants heading toward the USA Southern border believe they are our Future. 

They believe that the USA is on a path to Socialism and loss of freedom and human rights is coming here. That most Americans do not understand what a wonderful country & gift we have. They do not understand why millions risk everything to come here. 

This show deals with the loss of the People's Freedoms in their country and its similarities here. 

“I was born in paradise,” Carmen Maria Montiel says of her home country of Venezuela.

Venezuela was destroyed by crippling economic policies and poor immigration regulations.

“It’s exactly what happened in Venezuela,” Montiel says, comparing America’s open border policies to Venezuela’s immigration policies in the ‘70s and ‘80s. 

Montiel, a journalist, writer, political activist, and Miss Venezuela 1984

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