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FVR was started in 1999, when Venezuela went from being a one of the richest, most free countries on the planet to a cruel dictatorship, where human rights are violated and the government is accused of corruption. 

Because of the human rights abuses, Venezuela has been under USA sanctions. Some of these sanctions have been eased up because we want their oil. The Venezuelan people are still being abused and nothing has changed. 

Our administration a few weeks ago decided to keep the Venezuelan immigrants in Mexico, while others are allowed in. 

One of the most abused people on the planet are allowed to be further abused so that we can buy oil. 

Watch as Senator Rick Scott describes the human right violations of Venezuela.

"For too long, Venezuelans have faced state-sponsored violence at the hands of government security forces and watched their country's judiciary become a tool of political repression," said Menendez.

In September, a fact-finding mission appointed by the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) found high-level authorities responsible for atrocities that they believed amounted to crimes against humanity. 

Citizens are arrested for protesting and we even witness

repression of dissent. These are known as

Political prisoners and

many are killed, others imprisoned and tortured, while others just disappear. 

Trials will be unfair

and you will find extrajudicial executions. 

The police will use excessive force with impunity. 

Government fraud & corruption that lead to Poverty, Crime and Immigration within the community

Stay Informed on why 7 million Venzuelan's had to flee...
Learn about their Human Right Abuses.

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