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Great for resume, leadership & management skills,  community service requirements, builds character, do good by working with a non-profit, builds character. 


Emphasis in Inner Cities

All are welcome. A major emphasis of this program will be to help minority youth gain the leadership and management skills to advance in this world. 

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I am in the Future leader's program. The initiative  I am interested in is the black live matter initiative. The reason I am concerned about this is that I am black and I am worried about the continuous unjust killing of my race in America. For example Emmet til and Tamir rice . Their murders were about a century apart and they are eerily the same in some ways. I want to end this constant struggle of trying to show white people that black people are the same as them. I would like to see police getting tougher training and harder punishments for racial killings

Can I take up this issue-should girls be allowed to wear hijab in schools in india for writing blog?

I would like to work on a human rights issue of bullying in school. 


I have known Maibort Petit for many years as a journalist. During the years of democracy in Venezuela where she was already well known for her work in doing research about the ethical behavior of people in public office.

Luis R Matos 

Co-Director of the master’s degree. The Graduate School of Political Management

The George Washington University