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Youth Leadership

A program that teaches job skills with leadership skills to give our young a real chance at improving their lives as they volunteer on human and animal rights issues to improve the world.

A youth leadership program class

Volunteer with a Human Rights Organization / Youth Program

Programs for:

Teens (13-18)

Leadership Interns (19-30)

Teachers & Mentors (30+)

Volunteer & Intern Programs:

Online Opportunities

Community Opportunities

About Our Program:

Learn Leadership Skills Online

Communication skills

Project Management

Business Management 

Team Management 

Time Management

Event Planning

Budgeting & Finance

Learn to use your skills in real life settings that desire to learn or you have from your education or life experience.

Earn Certifications 

Get credit for Community Service

Choose between online Community Service or 

In the field Community Service

Community Service:

Our programs are global and in over 50 countries.

Choose from causes dealing with

Women Rights - Immigrant Rights - Poverty - Homelessness - Freedom of Expression - Political Prisoners - The Arts Promoting Causes - Empowerment through Education - Mental Illness - Anti-Bullying - Natural Resources - Anti-Corruption - Drug Trafficking - Human & Child trafficking - Human Rights Abuses - War Zones - Rural Areas - Natural Disasters such as drought - Man Made Disaster such as War Zones - Animal Rights - Indoctrination - Agriculture - Justice System - Police 

Volunteer & Make a Difference 

Young Volunteers

Help The Young Leaders Make a Difference with your Support

Who are our present volunteers

Lawyers, Law students, Engineers and engineering students, Psychologists, Medical Doctors and medical students, Nurses and nursing students, Veterinarians, veterinary students, Social workers, Air Rescue, Laboratory technicians,  Mental health professional and students, Agriculture, Accounting, Marketing, Public Relations, Conflict Resolutions, Web designers, Artist, Journalist (both print and digital), Radio host, High school and college students.

Support our Programs

Your gift means we can continue to improve the lives of people with those and their families who have lost everything due to human rights abuses. Most of our volunteers are extremely impoverished. You can sponsor their work, so we can pay them a stipent . Learn the many ways to support the Youth leadership program.

A program that teaches job training and community service. 

Our Programs

Our main programs are in the latino USA community. As a leader in the fight for human rights we also run programs in every continent. When you work on a project you will experience the cultures of people from around the world. You will learn how things are in their countries. You will not only learn a skill, you will learn to work in a global setting. 

We have programs defending Animal Rights, Genocide, Women Rights, Raising money for poor students in Kenya that have to buy their own school books,

reversing the farm land that has been poisoned to be able to grow agriculture again, poverty, mental health issues, police and community programs to improve their relationship, gender rights, children being forced to marry at very young ages, child labor and many more programs. 

These are real live programs and they change daily.  

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