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Preventing HIV-AIDS in Africa

Almost two - thirds of the global total of HIV-AIDS cases  are in Africa. Almost 5% of the population of the African Region have contacted this deadly disease.

There are estimates that 70 million people will have HIV-AIDS by 2050. 

The Freedom Voice as trying to stop this disease is working on awareness and prevention.  . 

Help Stop the Spread of HIV-AIDS in Africa



A minister who has been fighting this epidemic in Rwanda by spreading the word on prevention. Paul Ndagijimana believes that with proper education we can make a serious difference. 

Image by Jon Tyson


21% of new adult HIV infections occur among young women aged 15–24. Over 1.5 million Kenyans are now living with HIV. Abdullah Alliman, a medical student has shown by research that prevention has succeeded in lessening the occurrence of this disease 



After years of civil war and unrest, Angola's next battle is the fight against HIV-AIDS. Raising awareness among the population for prevention against sexually transmitted infections and HIV / AIDS is the general objective.

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