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Our Impact

migrant boy in ukraine

Freedom Voice recently received an award for its humanity efforts in Ukraine and is recognized and has been awarded as a leader of the Latin community in New York and New Jersey. 

From helping in the immigration crisis on the USA Southern border to Ukraine to being involved in an amazing and successful animal rescue. 

Become involved in our nonprofit  services

and community service initiatives and in our live and remote events. 

Youth Leadership Programs - Anti Bullying Programs - 

Media Company - Courthouse Reporting on Government Corruption and Money Laundering -

Freedom & Human Right Violations - Immigrant Rights - Animal Right Violations - Events - Rallies Indoctrination

dog in ukraine rescued

We cover Criminal cases that hurt our communities such as drug trafficking, human trafficking, money laundering and government abuse of power & Equity in the Justice system. 


Who Should Apply?

High School 

Wants to learn a new skill  and make a difference in the world


Needs job experience in his new skill and wants to make a difference in the world


You can mentor a young person to learn their dream job while doing kindness in the world

You just have a kind heart

Work on human rights projects and change the world for some 

maibort petit helping migrants


We are a well-known respected human rights and animal rights organization that trains the next generation of leaders within their desired skills to help others while advancing their own career. 

True Kindness

 Brighten your future by brightening the future of others. 

Some of our present volunteers professions or desired professions

Lawyers, Law students, Engineers and engineering students, Psychologists, Medical Doctors and medical students, Nurses and nursing students, Veterinarians, veterinary students, Social workers, Air Rescue, Laboratory technicians,  Mental health professional and students, Agriculture, Accounting, Marketing, Public Relations, Conflict Resolutions, Web designers, Artist, Journalist (both print and digital), Radio host, High school and college students.

Some of the issues our Teams are working on 

Women Rights

Advocating for equal rights for women

Children Rights

Protecting children 


Bringing healthcare to unfortunate areas


Mostly against immigrants

Equal Justice

A fair justice system

Immigrant Rights

Immigrants & Refugees Human Rights

Search & Rescue

A very challenging project

Mental Health

Homeless, School shootings, immigrants from trauma

Police - Community

Do they really serve and protect?

Poverty - Kenya

Raising money for schoolbooks for poor in Kenya

Animal Rights

Defending our furry friends

Racial Dicrimination

A major issue

Hands Up

Volunteer Now

Choose a skill and choose a human rights group and sign up

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