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Women Rights

Women face discrimination and threats to their health and safety, as well as gaps in pay, access to health care, and sexual violence and harassment.

Our program educates women in their rights and counsels them to try to even the field. 

Empowerment of women through education

In our modern era, it is still hard to believe that women do not have the same job opportunity, the same educational opportunities as men. much of these issues are due to culture, tradition and religious restrictions. Join and support out program where our teachers and counselors work within communities to change attitudes , teach rights and counsel women in job training 

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Period Poverty

In much of the world, women hygiene kits are too expensive and they can not afford to buy them. As a result they miss days of school and days at work. This has caused women to be expelled from school and fired from their jobs. This makes it impossible for these women to ever break their cycle of poverty. In many areas a girls born in poverty will be married off at with first period. They do not see any other choice in life. We collect and disperse hygiene kits to give these women a chance at life and also their self respect. 


Poverty Relief

In a society where women are still the main caregivers of their family and often raise their kids alone in severe poverty. Through education, mental and job counseling we work in impoverished areas with one parent family units to help them create a better future. From job training to helping support their family with food and shelter. 

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