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Discover Your Confidence - Have Fun - Learn Alot While Helping Communities 



I am in the Future leader's program. The initiative  I am interested in is the black live matter initiative. The reason I am concerned about this is that I am black and I am worried about the continuous unjust killing of my race in America. For example Emmet Til and Tamir Rice . Their murders were about a century apart and they are eerily the same in some ways. I want to end this constant struggle of trying to show white people that black people are the same as them. I would like to see police getting tougher training and harder punishments for racial killings.

Can I take up this issue-should girls be allowed to wear hijab in schools in india for writing blog?

I would like to work on a human rights issue of bullying in school. 


You have a chance to work in Human Rights. Maybe Save Some Animals. Work on a Project that Deals with Issues of Fairness in our Justice and Court System. Help the many Immigrants. Deal with Minority Rights or Maybe Women Rights is your thing.  To work with seasoned professionals. Learn leadership skills, be part of  real projects to make a difference in people's lives.

Support Group

Our program is designed to help young people (13 to 24)  like you unlock their full potential and become confident, effective leaders. Through a combination of interactive workshops, mentorship, and real-world experience, you'll learn how to:

  • Communicate effectively and build strong relationships

  • Set and achieve ambitious goals

  • Manage your time and priorities

  • Make ethical and responsible decisions

  • Adapt to change and solve problems creatively

  • Inspire and motivate others to action



Freedom Voice Reports has been called the Voice of the Hispanic Community, the Voice of the Minority Community and awarded numerous community awards. This project is one of the programs we are most proud of. While our cities are failing, with poor education, high crime rates, gangs, lack of opportunity, decaying buildings, homelessness drugs and mental illness, we have a very popular program where high school and college age students are working with the media and community service programs to make a difference. Their caring and efforts and skills taught in this program will lead us to a much better tomorrow. This program is strictly about doing what is right . There is no politics allowed within  the program. No politics means not taking sides, but these young leaders will be advocates for better laws to improve our communities.  Your gift to the Youth Leadership Program means we can continue to improve the lives of people within our communities and give these young people a better future with real leadership skills that will improve their lives.  Thank you for your support. 

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