Seeking asylum from violence & poverty

As an American for many years, I feel strongly about protecting our borders, our economy, from drugs flowing in and from immigrants flooding our country faster than we can absorb them.

As a Venezuelan immigrant, I also feel for these immigrant’s situation and fully understand why they are coming here. Life is simply unbearable. They live under dictatorships with violence and severe poverty. Freedoms and Rights are very limited.

Issue: Venezuelans to be sent to Mexico

President Biden announced the US would start expelling Venezuelan migrants who had illegally crossed the border to Mexico. 

The humanitarian  crisis that this will create will be unforgiveable. 


Something needs to be done.

For a country to have invited in these masses of people and have created this border crisis and then change its mind when they arrive and threaten to put their lives at risk - This is a human rights violation. 

There is no other word for it. 

We are forming a large group to make sure that what is planned, does not happen. 

We need your HELP !

So do we just let everyone in?

The answer is we follow the law. We must have strict rules on the books that are actually followed. Americans and immigrants must know what to expect and that the law will be followed. 

Carmen Maria Montiel, a former Miss Venezuela, now living in the USA, mentioned an interesting point. The immigrants do not have any love for this country. If you end off with too many at one time that has no national feelings, your country is no longer a country.


 "It’s exactly what happened in Venezuela. These migrants came in the ’70s and ’80s. In 1998 the children of these migrants were the ones who voted for Hugo Chavez and we never saw Venezuela to get back to what it was."

Volunteers are needed to help the immigrants

Let’s put politics aside. We are talking about real people already here. People with families. The cities are crying for help. They do not have the funds nor the ability to fully handle the numbers coming into the USA.

The communities and private groups need to do what they can.

The Freedom Voice Reports is asking for volunteers and donations as we are putting several programs together.

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