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Migrant minor

Human Rights Crisis in their homeland have cause 100 million people to flee

They are seeking asylum from violence & poverty.

Watch as Senator Rick Scott describes the human right violations of Venezuela.

Human Rights lost by Migrants

Otero Alcantara is a young artist who fought for the rights of the individual with his art work. He is in a Cuban Prison right now. 

"For too long, Venezuelans have faced state-sponsored violence at the hands of government security forces and watched their country's judiciary become a tool of political repression," said USA Senator Menendez.

In September, a fact-finding mission appointed by the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) found high-level authorities responsible for atrocities that they believed amounted to crimes against humanity. 

Citizens are arrested for protesting and we even witness repression of dissent. These are known as Political prisoners and many are killed, others imprisoned and tortured, while others just disappear. 

Trials will be unfair and you will find extrajudicial executions. 

The police will use excessive force with impunity. 

Government fraud & corruption that lead to Poverty, Crime and Immigration within the community.

Wars, lack of jobs, hunger and lack of basic human rights are some of the reasons why over 100 million people flee their homeland and become migrants. 

Volunteer - Intern

FVR publishes thousands of videos and hundreds of blogs each year regarding government's infringement of our Freedoms & Rights. 

Bringing Awareness on Corrupt and Authoritative Governments and leaders.

Only by bringing Awareness can we cause the the political pressure to bring about change. 

Join a team that has been fighting for the rights of immigrants for 25 years. 

First step - Public Awareness 

Second step - Improving their lives within their global communities. 

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Mom with her kids travling to USA

Freedom Voice Reports is unique from most groups in that its founders and the majority of its staff and volunteers are were either immigrants themselves or from immigrant background. Over 100 million people have had to leave their homeland and are in exile. Government abuse of human rights and freedoms , severe poverty & war are a major cause of this situation. We have been the advocates for  immigrant rights for 25 years. Your gift means we can continue to improve the lives of immigrants  with our media awareness campaign and our community work, while advocating for proper laws that help and do not abuse.  Together, our sponsors with our staff and volunteers are making a difference every day. . Thank you for your support. 

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