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Breaking Period Poverty: Transforming lives through Education and Hygiene

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Discover the urgent mission to break the shackles of period poverty in Tot Division. Join us in transforming lives through education, hygiene, and crucial support – making a lasting impact on the youth facing these challenges.

by Sheila Jepkemoi

girl in red dress due to period poverty
Period Poverty Causes Girls to Miss School

The problem of period poverty in Kenya is a deeply rooted and pervasive issue that affects the lives of many young girls, particularly in regions like Tot Division. Lack of access to sanitary towels and hygiene education not only hampers their ability to attend school regularly but also undermines their self-esteem and dignity. In Tot Division, where banditry, limited resources, and cultural practices like female genital mutilation compound the challenges, the need for intervention is critical.

Our Mission to End Period Poverty

Our mission is to break the barriers hindering the youth in Tot Division by implementing comprehensive educational and job training programs. Additionally, we aim to address the issue of period poverty through a campaign that provides hygienic products like sanitary towels to high school girls. By empowering the youth with skills for a sustainable future and ensuring that girls have access to basic hygiene products, we believe we can open doors to a world of possibilities and transformative change.

The Sad Truth

The statistics and facts surrounding period poverty in Kenya are alarming. Many girls miss school days due to the lack of sanitary towels, affecting their academic performance and perpetuating a cycle of poverty. Lack of menstrual hygiene products not only leads to health issues but also contributes to a culture of shame and silence surrounding menstruation. Through our initiatives, we hope to contribute to changing these statistics, ensuring that no girl in Tot Division is held back by the limitations imposed by period poverty.

The Story of Jerono

Our personal connection to this cause is deeply rooted in the story of Jerono, a young girl from our community who faced the harsh realities of period poverty. Her experience, coupled with the challenges of growing up in a community struggling with issues like cattle rustling and female genital mutilation, highlights the urgent need for change. Jerono's story is not isolated; it reflects the struggles of many girls in Tot Division who face barriers to education and dignity.

Help Women and Girls Achieve Equaity

In conclusion, Freedom Voice Reports, a 501c3 nonprofit running this project to end period poverty, works to amplify the mission of Women and Young Girls Rights.. By sharing our story and highlighting the challenges faced by girls in Tot Division, we seek support and collaboration. Tax-deductible donations to sponsor sanitary towels and educational meetings can significantly impact our cause, collectively paving the way for a future where education, training, and dignity prevail in Tot Division.

Any amount you give will make a real difference in the life of a young lady and help her get her needed education to get out of Poverty.

About our Author

Sheila Jepkemoi Chelanga, presently residing in Kenya. She is a fourth year

undergraduate student at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology, pursuing a Bachelor degree in Education arts, English and literature combination. Presently she is volunteering with the Freedom Voice Reports on Women Rights, Issues.



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