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General Mark Milley

While it is still unclear what took place in the communication between a top US General and his Chinese counterparts, the debate still stands. If everything stated in the book by Woodward is true, did the general act appropriately ?

From the YouTube Show - Sin Filtros

Our Moderator Maibort Petit and her two guest Julio Ciriono & Erick F Fajardo debated the issue of Woodward's book specifically relating to the General's contact with China.

Eventhough the topic of the show was about Genral Milley, it opened discussing twenty-first century socialism and the Venezuelan elections. This short deviation in the main topic was important. It allowed for an understanding to those in the United States, who have lived under a Free Society our entire lives, just how serious that phone conversation was.

On Novemeber 21 there will be elections in Venezuela. The European Union plans to send an election observer mission to Venezuela to monitor the November 21 vote in the impoverished South American country. There is debate whether this is a good idea or not, as it would give legitimacy to the Government of Maduro.

Twenty first century socialism essentially turns into dictatorship. You do not see dictatorships from those on the right. In our free Society, we essentially are responsible for much of our lives, we make choices and live with those consequences good or bad. The Government must answer to the people, as they are in charge. In a Socialist society , you do not have that free choice, the Government controls everything. The people are subjects of the Government. A dictatorship may be liked or disliked by the people. Do you wish to give up your freedom for the promise of more security ?

The US Government was founded upon the concept of a Government by the people. Our military was set up in such a system. The military does not have any power to legislate laws nor does it get involved in politics. Those elected by the people and those who represent the people are the only ones responsible for political discussion. The military in this country is answerable to those who were voted into power, they are responsible to the people. They do not get to decide what American policy should be.

Now we get into the debate of Woodward's claim of General Milley's call.

Can a General decide on his own to make a call and reassure China?

Is that within the realm of a battle plan ordered by a President or is that getting involved into politics ?

In our system relations between countries is the responsibility of those respresentatives voted in by the people. It is political.

General Mark Milley was answerable to the President of the United States, who was at that time, Donald Trump. For him to talk to a member of the opposition, Nancy Pelosi about removing the president's powers from using the nuclear codes was a direct violation of law and again a question of whether the General was playing politics. "This is something unheard of in the North American political scheme" , says Julio Cirino. The issue is not what he did was good or bad, it is just not done, under the American system of seperation of the military from the political arena, he continued.

So in conclusion, this is not a debate of whether the Gereral acted in the best interest of the country, this is a question of whether we want those who do not reperesent us by our free elections to make decisions for us. Do they get to decide what is our best interest or do we?

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