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Has FBI Become Politicized?

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Another day, another FBI raid against a person whose beliefs do not line up with the Governments.

The headlines of Lifesite News was very frightening.

enemies of the state

A story is told of a family, husband, wife and seven kids. 15 FBI vehicles pull up to their house, pounce on the door and shouting, guns drawn. The children are described as shouting and crying and told by the agents to stay upstairs. The dad, Mark Hauck, was arrested. The news story claimed that the crime was blocking access to an abortion center.

According to a press release from the United State's Attorney's office of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.....

Possible assault. That now requires a FBI raid, permanently traumatizing a family, over two dozen agents. Wow. Can one imagine what the FBI's annual budget must be?

Was this show and force really necessary?

Or was this huge FBI Swat Team attack against a family Catholic man done for the publicity to help the Democrats with the Pro-Life groups before the election in a few weeks.

Was this family man so dangerous that the FBI needed this small army?

Or is this all about using our FBI as an agent of one party over the other?

One question we keep hearing, does anyone have an answer for it? If the FBI is so concerned with public safety that it will go to these lengths on this crime. What about all the children who were victimized by Ghislamine Maxwell's clients. Why hasn't the FBI investigated and secured the list of criminals who molested these minor children and raided each of their homes?

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