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Local School Boards vs Parental Rights

New York State is in a battle with certain Jewish private schools over who has the rights to determine what is taught in these private religious schools. Who is in charge of your children's education? Is it the state or the parents?

Who should control what our children learn in school
Who should control what our children learn in school

Freedom of religion

The USA constitution guarantees Freedom of Religion. This Freedom is found in our first amendment. No state has a right to nullify this constitutional right even in the name of better education.

New oversight rules for NYS are expected to pass. This would put all private schools under the review by local educational agencies to determine if their educational levels are equivalent to the public schools.

Those that fail to meet the agencies standards will have their public funding cut off. There has been no opinion if they will have the power to close a school.

We have already seen by local school boards, the attitude that parents that do not agree with their decisions are labeled domestic terrorist. For parents to give an opinion in many cases have been considered almost to the level of a crime. The suggestion to avoid such infringement on parental rights, many have suggested sending your kids to private school if you can afford it.

These local agencies,

how well have they done with the public-school education?

In an article titled,

by Ginny Gentles, dated September 14, 2022, the article talks about the public policies that have failed the students, that have led to people leaving the school system. The article says that the failure of the public school system was not Covid but was the public-school policies.

With their failed policies they decided to extend these policies to the private and religious schools. The religious school system uses a different educational system than they use in the public schools. They learn from books of religious law and philosophy. The education from these studies is at such a level that many believe that all education can be found in these sources. Their classes are usually from 7am to 9pm. To say that their level of education is not on par, just because they use a different book to read from is disingenuous.

So, is this really about education or is it about controlling the minds of our children?

One of many responses from religious schools
One of many responses from religious schools

In an article titled,

This article mentions the case was Wisconsin v. Yoder, decided on May 15, 1972. That decision said that state law infringed upon the Amish religious protected rights not to send their children to school beyond the eighth grade.

We are not here to debate the issue of the state's rights to evaluate the educational level of the children in the state.

We are here to shout out when we see the state wanting control of children that normally should be the parent's decision.

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