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StandBright Foundation's Fight Against Hunger in Angola: A Call to Feed the Hungry

In the face of dire poverty and escalating food prices, StandBright Foundation's Feed the Hungry mission in Angola emerges as a beacon of hope. This blog sheds light on their vital efforts, urging support to alleviate hunger and transform lives in the midst of economic adversity.

by Freedom Voice Reports

Feeding hungry kids in Angola

In Angola, the specter of poverty looms large, with slowing economic growth and rising food prices anticipated to push negative per capita private consumption growth. Shockingly, 51.1 percent of the population, equivalent to 17,633 thousand people in 2021, grapples with multidimensional poverty, while an additional 15.5 percent, or 5,363 thousand people, teeter on the brink of vulnerability to multidimensional poverty. Disturbingly, over 30% of children aged 5 to 17 years in Angola are multidimensionally poor, and a staggering 52% of children aged 0 to 17 years live in absolute poverty.

Angola's young population, with 46% under the age of 15 and 66% under the age of 25, faces significant challenges. With only 2.2% of the population aged 65 or older, one in three Angolans falls into the adolescent or young person category, aged 10-24 years. As the economic strain intensifies, the need for urgent humanitarian missions becomes glaringly apparent.

Feed the Hungry Missions: StandBright Foundation's Lifeline

Line of hungry peopel before the shelter in angola

In the heart of this struggle is StandBright Foundation, a beacon of hope started by João Esmael, who, born and raised in poverty, understands the pain of hunger intimately. The foundation conducts daily missions in Angola, feeding between 300 to 500 people, primarily single mothers with children. These missions serve as a lifeline for those who would otherwise have nowhere to turn for sustenance.

Despite their commendable efforts, the financial burden has become overwhelming for StandBright Foundation. João Esmael and his team, fueled by a deep sense of empathy, have been financing the missions from their own pockets. The community they serve has grown, and the needs have expanded, stretching their resources thin.

Sister Evalina Mbundu, a dedicated nun volunteering at the shelter, emphasizes the critical role the foundation plays, stating, "If you stop bringing food to this place, we won't have anywhere to put these people who are already used to eating here." The impact is clear in the words of one of the beneficiaries: "Since they are making food in this place, hunger for us is no longer a big problem, and thank you very much for your help."

A Plea for Urgent Support: Feed the Hungry with Freedom Voice Reports

The Team of Volunteers
The Team of Volunteers

StandBright Foundation faces significant challenges, unable to meet government requirements for incorporation as they channel every penny into feeding the impoverished. In collaboration with Freedom Voice Reports, a global 501c3 non-profit organization, we stand united in an urgent call to action. Freedom Voice Reports is committed to supporting missions like StandBright Foundation, recognizing the crucial role they play in alleviating hunger.

Your Contribution Matters: Feed the Hungry Today

As we shed light on StandBright Foundation's unwavering commitment to combating hunger, we invite you to join the cause. Every amount you give contributes to feeding someone in need. Together, let's make a difference in the lives of those facing the harsh realities of poverty in Angola. Visit Freedom Voice Reports to donate and be a part of the solution. Your support is the key to providing sustenance and hope to those who need it most.

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Sheila Jepkemoi
Sheila Jepkemoi
Nov 19, 2023

let's stand with our fellow Volunteers, thank you Freedom Voice Reports for looking out for StandBright

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