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Empowering Women in Kenya: NGO's Role in Womans Rights

Kenya, a nation of diverse landscapes and cultures, has made significant progress in various areas. However, the fight for Womans Rights continues, as many women in Kenya still face various forms of discrimination and abuse. In this blog, we will explore some of the prominent Womans Rights abuses in Kenya and discuss how Freedom Voice Reports NGO can play a pivotal role in addressing these issues, even in small but meaningful ways.

by Fridah Meme

Womans Rights Issues in Kenya

Sign saying women rights are human rights
Womens Rights

1. Gender-Based Violence: Gender-based violence is pervasive in Kenya, encompassing

physical and sexual abuse, emotional trauma, and economic exploitation. Women,

particularly in rural areas, are vulnerable to such abuses due to cultural norms and

economic disparities.

2. Lack of Access to Education: Gender disparities in education persist, with many girls

dropping out of school due to cultural norms, early marriages, or economic challenges.

This hinders their personal growth and development.

3. Economic Disparities: Women often face economic disparities, including limited access

to credit, property, and job opportunities. These disparities result from deeply entrenched

patriarchal norms and legal gaps.

4. FGM and Child Marriage: Despite being illegal, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and

child marriages continue in some Kenyan communities. These practices jeopardize the

health and well-being of young girls.

5. Political Underrepresentation: Women are underrepresented in Kenyan politics,

hampering the progress of gender-related legislation and policies despite constitutional

provisions aimed at promoting gender equity in leadership positions.

Freedom Voice Report's Role in Addressing These Issues

Freedom Voice Reports NGO, as a passionate advocate for Womans Rights in Kenya, can make a substantial impact on addressing these issues:

1. Support for Survivors of Gender-Based Violence: The NGO can establish safe spaces

for survivors of gender-based violence, offering counseling and legal assistance.

Additionally, they can organize awareness campaigns to educate communities on the

importance of breaking the cycle of violence.

2. Promoting Girl's Education: Freedom Voice Reports NGO can collaborate with schools and local communities to create scholarships, provide educational resources, and run

mentorship programs to encourage girls to continue their education. They can also

engage with families to change perceptions about the value of girl's education.

3. Economic Empowerment: Through microfinance initiatives and skill-building

programs, the NGO can empower women economically. This can include offering small

loans, training in entrepreneurship, and encouraging women to enter the workforce.

4. Eradicating Harmful Traditions: Freedom Voice Reports NGO can work closely with local

leaders and communities to promote the abandonment of harmful traditions like FGM

and child marriage. Education campaigns, community dialogues, and engaging with

elders can help break these norms.

5. Promoting Women in Politics: The NGO can support and mentor women interested in

politics, helping them navigate the political landscape. Additionally, they can advocate

for electoral reforms that promote gender equity in politics.


Kenya's journey towards achieving gender equality and protecting Womans Rights is ongoing.

Freedom Voice Reports NGO, can make a significant difference by addressing the root causes of these issues and offering practical solutions. Every effort, no matter how small, contributes to the

larger cause of ensuring women in Kenya have the rights and opportunities they deserve.

Together, we can break down the barriers that have held back women and girls for far too long, paving the way for a more equitable and inclusive society.


About Fridah Meme:

She is a volunteer for Freedom Voice Reports and lives in Kenya. A results-driven and hardworking self-motivated financial expert with experience in marketing,

accountancy, excellent research skills and in-depth finance knowledge, noted for the ability to manage complex assignments effectively, with the confidence to work as a part of a team or independently. Two years volunteering as Youth secretary in charge of Youth Volunteer Program for the sick, needy, elderly and orphans in the community.


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